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Rate Transient Analysis (RTA) Content Duration: (15:09:44)
Flowback Analysis (FBA) Content Duration: (9:27:15)
Practical Quantitative Interpretation (PQI) Content Duration: (11:32:06)
Introduction to Machine Learning for Upstream Oil & Gas Content Duration: (4:50:18)
Type-Well Curve Fundamentals Content Duration: (2:40:53)
Become Pythonic in Oil & Gas Content Duration: (5:18:06)
Applied Petrophysics and Log Analysis Content Duration: (19:27:20)
Decline Curve Analysis, Reserves and Economics for Shale Content Duration: (16:37:47)
Completion and Workover Operations Content Duration: (9:03:07)
EOR for Unconventional Reservoirs Content Duration: (10:07:02)
Practical Python Programming for Engineers Content Duration: (13:32:46)
DFIT Content Duration: (15:33:52)
Introduction to Risk and Uncertainty Management Principles Content Duration: (6:24:48)
Fundamentals of Wellbore Flow Content Duration: (10:31:05)

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Oil & Gas Exploration:  A Practical Approach

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Sampling and Characterization of Difficult Fluids

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Waterflood Design, Surveillance and  Implementation

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Geothermal Reservoir and Hydraulics Design

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