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Rate Transient Analysis (RTA)

Production Data Analysis for Unconventional Reservoirs (with Multiphase Flow & Geomechanics)

Flowback Analysis (FBA)

Fracture Property Evaluation from Flowback and Early-Time Production Data

Practical Quantitative Interpretation (PQI)

Utilizing Pre-Stack Seismic Data for Rock Physics and Classification

Type-Well Curve Fundamentals

By Bertrand Groulx

Upcoming Courses

Pressure Transient Analysis (PTA)

Flow and Build-up Analysis & Diagnostic Fracture Injection Tests (DFIT)

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Multistage Completions

Well Completions Engineering with Fracture Modeling & Design

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Reservoir Monitoring Technologies

Tracers, Microseismic, Fiber, Geochem, EM Imaging & Pressure Monitoring

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Applied Petrophysics and Log Analysis

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