Wayne Monnery

Director, Technology & Dean (SIGIT Academy)
Alberta, Canada

Wayne Monnery has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Calgary, Canada. Dr. Monnery has written several papers that have been published in both academic and industry journals. He has over 30 years of industry experience, specializing in gas processing (pipeline hydraulics, separation, dehydration, treating, sulfur recovery and refrigeration processes) and also has experience with crude oil dehydration, stabilization and micro-refining topping plants. Dr. Monnery has experience with developing new energy technology and is recently involved in lithium from brine, waste biomass/used motor oil and pyrolysis, used motor oil re-refining, geothermal and plastic pyrolysis projects. Dr. Monnery has recognized expertise in thermodynamics and physical and transport properties of fluids. He has consulted for several EPC and operating companies through his company Chem-Pet Process Tech Ltd.

In addition, Dr. Monnery is currently involved with a large SAGD carbon capture project as well as helping clients determine best processing options. He has been involved with CO2 dehydration and CO2 flood gas treating as well as acid gas injection projects for several years.