Erfan Sarvar Amini

Completion Design Engineer (PETRONAS Energy Canada)
Alberta, Canada

Developed a practical 2D/3D geomechanical model for prediction of Stimulated Volume evolution during hydraulic fracturing (in application to the naturally fractured rocks)

Proposed analytical and numerical solutions for modeling of Hydraulic Fracturing growth in poroelastic media

Developed a user interface to export various 2D/3D data from Matlab to Paraview visualization software

-Familiarized with preprocessor and mesh generation software, e.g., GMSH and TETGEN

Programming in Mathematica, Matlab, and Visual Basics

Participated at the Foundations of Project Management workshop held by MITACS at the University of Waterloo

Trained graduate and undergraduate students in mathematical modeling, simulation and engineering

Gained excellent communication skills through attending conferences and public speaking

Always interested to find out about new opportunities