Erfan Sarvar Amini

Staff Hydraulic Fracturing Modeling and Reservoir Simulation Engineer (Pioneer Natural Resources)
Texas, Dallas

Erfan holds a Ph.D. in Geomechancial Engineering with a focus on unconventional developments and shale fracturing. Throughout his academic and professional career, Erfan has developed a deep understanding of hydraulic fracturing design and optimization. In addition to his academic achievements, Erfan has acquired extensive experience working in the industry, collaborating on real-world hydraulic fracturing projects. His hands-on experience allows him to translate theoretical knowledge into actionable insights, ensuring that his teaching remains relevant and up-to-date with industry practices. With his unique blend of academic expertise and industry experience, Erfan is dedicated to preparing the next generation of professionals for success in the dynamic field of hydraulic fracturing design and geomechanical characterization.


Rock Competency Evaluation
Geomechanical Analysis
Elasticity & Rock Stiffness Calculations
Pore Pressure & Stress Analysi
Fracture Mechanics