Dylan Lougheed

CEO (Saga Wisdom)
Alberta, Canada

Dylan Lougheed (MBA, P.Eng.) is a professional engineer with 11 years combined experience in high tech and oil and gas industries. Dylan previously worked at IHS Markit as Director of Engineering Software, where he set and managed the strategic direction of the IHSM engineering software portfolio. He has worked in many aspects of product commercialization including product management, technical sales, and quality assurance. Dylan is active in the SPE, authoring papers in unconventional pressure transient analysis and serving as a session chair for their unconventional resource conferences. He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and biology from Queen’s University and a master’s degree in business administration from University of Calgary.


Geomodeling Using Geostatistics
Geomodeling In Teams
Multiphase flow modeling
Pressure-transient analysis for flowback tests
Leak-off rate data analysis
Flowback and early-time production data analysis
Model history matching and forecasting
Flow regime analysis for reservoir characterization
Straight-line methods in early-time RTA
Interpretng pressure transient data
Type Curve Matching In Early-Time Flowback RTA
Identify flow regimes in shale gas production
Analyze multiphase flow behavior in production data
Correct diagnostic signatures for complex reservoir behavior
Spotfire Data Integration & Transformation
Spotfire Batch Processing & Automation
Cultural Sensitivity & Awareness
Aboriginal Historical Awareness
Understands Voluntary Carbon Market Process
Voluntary vs. Compliance Carbon Markets
Carbon Credit Development Process
Impact of electrification efficiency on power demand
Electric Mobility impact on energy systems
Energy systems thinking and synergies
Energy Garden understanding
cyclical economy thinking
the grid’s role in energy systems
balancing the power grid
impact of Electric Vehicles & renewables on power grid design
demand, infrastructure, and generation impact on transmission and distribution systems.