RTA for Production Engineers

Simple Techniques to Quantity Uplift Potential

Webinar 1 – Fri., Oct. 16th, 2020, 10AM – 12PM CDT <br /> Webinar 2 – Fri., Oct. 23rd, 2020, 10AM – 12PM CDT


“Rate Transient Analysis is the only proven reservoir evaluation tool for unconventionals” - Tom Blasingame, URTeC 2020.

Sometimes the best ideas come from outside our industry. Other times, they are just outside our discipline. While RTA is used ubiquitously by reservoir engineers working unconventional reservoirs, it is commonly underutilized by production engineers, despite its value to help them optimize production. One reason for this is that reservoir engineers are often the only ones given budget for RTA training and another is that even when the production engineers are present, the workshops are generally not tailored to meet their objectives, so a lot of its usefulness for them goes unrecognized.

The purpose of this two-part webinar series is to focus on the RTA applications of interest to production engineers in order to:
1) Further promote multi-disciplinary collaboration and
2) Show that RTA is not just for reservoir engineers

Lessons from this two-part series will be delivered from our panel of technical experts, gathered across the operator, service, and academic communities. Case studies will be presented from a variety of unconventional formations, fluid phase environments and production operations.

Moderated by Graham Helfrick, Director - Technical Advisors, Global Sales, IHS Markit

Program Outline

Webinar 1 – Friday, October 16th, 2020, 10AM – 12PM CDT

• The Role of the Production Engineer – What We Do and Why It Matters - Brian Miner, Staff Petroleum Engineer, Chesapeake Energy

• Multiphase Flow Dynamics in Unconventional Wells
Dr. Cem Sarica, Professor of Petroleum Engineering, University of Tulsa

• Transient IPR Curves with Multiphase Flow Considerations
James MacDonald, Sr. Principal Technical Analyst, IHS Markit

• Identifying Candidate Wells for Intervention and Quantifying Upside
David Anderson, CEO, SAGA Wisdom

Webinar 2 – Friday, October 23, 2020, 10AM – 12PM CDT

• Five Reasons Every Production Engineer Should Be Using RTA
Brian Miner, Staff Petroleum Engineer, Chesapeake Energy

• Flowing Bottomhole Pressure Calculations and PVT
Mathias Carlsen, Petroleum Engineering Consultant, Whitson

• Interpreting Noise in Production Rate Data with Measurement and Management Best Practices
Tyler Conner, Reservoir Engineer, Devon Energy

• Linear Flow Specialized Analysis – Unloading Opportunities from Positive Intercepts
John Thompson, President, SAGA Wisdom


Dave Anderson

Founder (Saga Wisdom)

Mathias Carlsen

PE Consultant | GM Americas (whitson)

Tyler Conner

Reservoir Engineering Advisor (OXY)

Graham Helfrick

Director, Technical Advisors, Global Sales (IHS Markit)

James MacDonald

VP Business Development (Inside Petroleum Inc.)

Brian Miner

Staff Petroleum Engineer (Chesapeake Energy)

Cem Sarica

F.H. “Mick” Merelli/Cimarex Energy Professor of Petroleum Engineering (The University of Tulsa)

John Thompson

President (Saga Wisdom)