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Game-Changing New Tech to Better Understand and Develop Unconventional Reservoirs

Game-Changing New Tech to Better Understand and Develop Unconventional Reservoirs

Friday, May 14th 10am-12pm Central Friday, May 21st 10am-12pm Central


Disruptive technologies are rapidly emerging in our industry that are improving our understanding of unconventional reservoirs, streamlining workflows, optimizing field development programs and, ultimately, increasing ROI for investors. In this webinar series, several technologies that broadly span the engineering value-chain will be presented. This event features a mix of vendors who have built tools to improve aspects of drilling, completions, production, and reservoir engineering practices. Technical case studies will be featured showcasing product benefits. Welcome to the bleeding edge of oil & gas technology development.

Program Outline

Friday, May 14th 10am-12pm Central

1. Why Does Open Hole Data Matter?
Christopher Thompson, Founder & CEO of Geonomic Technologies

2. PropTheTop - Coated Proppant You Can Afford
Jared Blong, President & COO of AquaSmart Enterprises

3. Fracture Type Identification for Real-Time Hydraulic Fracturing Optimization
Tom Johnston, President & CEO of Shear Frac Group

4. Advanced Surface Well Data Acquisition, Monitoring and Analytics
Orkhan (Marc) Mukhtarli, President of Revsolz Corporation

5. Rapid and Repeatable Fracture Fluid Optimization
Ali Abedini, Executive VP of Technical Operations of Interface Fluidics

6. Automated Well Performance Diagnostics in Unconventional Reservoirs
Darryl Tompkins. Founder & CTO of Revo Testing Technologies

7. wimo Wireless Monitoring Downhole Gauge
Brett Bouldin, Director of Marketing and Business Development of WINS

Friday, May 21st 10am-12pm Central

8. Critical gas velocity in multiphase wellbore flows: What does it actually mean and why is it so important to get right?
Dr. Anand S. Nagoo, President of Nagoo & Associates LLC

9. Eliminating Data Wrangling with Petro Ninja
Kevin McCormack, President of Petro Niche

10. Evaluate and Optimize your Assets in Seconds with ATHENA (
Dmitry Deryushkin, M.Eng., P.Geo., Director Technology of Subsurface Dynamics Inc.

11. What Actually Matters – A Type Curve Learning Experiment
James MacDonald, VP Business Development of Inside Petroleum Inc.

12. New Life for Old Math: Integrating GOR into DCA
Scott Lapierre, Founder of Shale Specialists

13. SuperEOR Advanced Shale Oil EOR Process
Robert Downey, Founder & CEO of Shale Ingenuity


Ali Abedini

Executive VP of Technical Operations (Interface Fluidics)

Jared Blong

President & CEO (AquaSmart Enterprises)

Brett Bouldin

Director of Marketing and Business Development (WINS)

Dmitry Deryushkin

Director Technology (Subsurface Dynamics Inc.)

Robert Downey

Founder & CEO (Shale Ingenuity)

Tom Johnston

President & CEO (Shear Frac Group)

Scott Lapierre

Founder (Shale Specialists)

James MacDonald

VP Business Development (Inside Petroleum Inc.)

Kevin McCormack

President (Petro Niche)

Orkhan (Marc) Mukhtarli

President (Revsolz Corporation)

Anand S. Nagoo

President (Nagoo & Associates LLC)

Christopher Thompson

Founder & CEO (Geonomic Technologies)

Darryl Tompkins

Chief Technology Officer (Revo Testing Technologies)