Technical Strategy & Leadership

This course is an introduction to the strategic management of a technical function, with a specific focus on data science and analytics teams in legacy organizations. It covers the role that analytics plays and the value it brings to organizations and discusses how organizations may design and optimize the function by establishing a functional strategy and series of processes, supported by a management framework, well organized analytics teams, and proper data and model governance. Students will also learn how companies have built and led data science teams in practice as well as how the field is anticipated to evolve over time.

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    Chapter 2 - Strategy

    2.01 Introduction to Legacy Technology Strategy and the Role of Analytics

    2.02 Understanding the Current State Quiz

    2.03 Defining the Mandate and Mission Quiz

    2.04 Target Operating Model Design Principles Quiz

    2.05 Defining Functions & Services Quiz

    2.06 Capability Mapping Quiz

    2.07 Interaction Models Quiz

    2.08 Team Composition & Personas Quiz

    2.09a Organizational Design and Target Operating Models - Part 1

    2.09b Organizational Design and Target Operating Models - Part 2 Quiz

    2.10 Strategy Summary

    Chapter 3 - Process

    3.01 Delivery Model Introduction

    3.02 Governance Quiz

    3.03 Intake and Prioritization Quiz

    3.04a Scoping and Planning - Part 1

    3.04b Scoping and Planning - Part 2 Quiz

    3.05a Project Execution - Part 1

    3.05b Project Execution - Part 2 Quiz

    3.06 Process Summary

    Chapter 4 - People

    4.01 Practitioners as Artisans

    4.02a Hiring and Onboarding - Part 1

    4.02b Hiring and Onboarding - Part 2 Quiz

    4.03 Talent Development and Retention Quiz

    4.04 Succession Planning Quiz

    4.05 Relationship Mapping Quiz

    4.06 Team Conventions and Culture Quiz

    4.07 Mentorship and Coaching Quiz

    4.08 Eminence Building Quiz

    4.09 Owning the Narrative and Community of Practice Quiz

    4.10 Managing Conflict Quiz

    4.11 People Summary