Sustainability, ESG and Performance Course

Paul Griss

An introductory course for senior executives who are being faced with responding to demands for ESG information by investors, customers or stakeholders. The course will give participants a better understanding of the concepts, the scope of expectations, barriers to moving forward and will provide a generic path forward for companies.Read more...

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Course contents

    Chapter 1 - Sustainability, ESG and Performance

    1.01 Sustainability, ESG and Performance Intro (2 min.)  Sample Lesson

    1.02 ESG Terms (23 min.)

    1.03 Isn't this what regulations are supposed to do? (20 min.)

    1.04 Unpacking the Components of ESG - Part 1 (13 min.)

    1.05 Unpacking the Components of ESG - Part 2 (13 min.)

    1.06 Factors Complicating ESG Strategies (20 min.)

    1.07 Walking the Talk (22 min.)