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Quiz 3.02 Permeability, Surface Area and Stimulated Reservoir Volume

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What is in here?

This lesson describes the influence of permeability and surface area in a fractured reservoir. Included are the concepts of compartmentalization, SRV and production-measured (effective) permeability. Also included are the impact of surface area and SRV on well performance and EUR.

Why should you care?

Permeability, surface area and SRV are key drivers of well performance. Understanding how each of these contributes to the production equation is critical to making good decisions around completion and field development optimization.

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Quiz 3.02 Permeability, Surface Area and Stimulated Reservoir Volume

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    What is the primary hydrocarbon transport mechanism in unconventional reservoirs?

    • Nanopores
    • Kerogen
    • Fractures
    • Matrix rock

Rate Transient Analysis (RTA) Course
Chapter 1 - Introduction to Modern Production Data Analysis (21:44)
Chapter 2 - Fundamentals of Rate Transient Analysis (7:14:29)
Chapter 3 - Analyzing Low Permeability, Fractured Reservoirs (2:33:40)
Chapter 4 - Probabilistic Rate Transient Analysis (2:34:09)
Chapter 5 - RTA Case Studies (2:25:42)