Production Enhancement: Acid and Matrix Stimulation in Conventional and Unconventional Wells Course

Leonard Kalfayan

This course is designed to be a modern, practical, and unique learning experience, providing the student with an understanding of acidizing applications for a broad range of well and formation conditions. The course will cover the fundamentals of formation damage identification for successful stimulation and the process for creatively designing highly effective acid and matrix stimulation procedures. Applications for new and existing production and injection wells completed in carbonate, sandstone, and unconventional reservoirs, onshore and offshore, will be discussed. Read more...

This course takes the student through a brief history of acidizing and its evolution, and current acid stimulation categories and philosophies. Following that, the differences in chemistry and physics of acidizing for sandstones and carbonate formations and general treatment selection criteria depending on formation damage (skin) conditions, are covered. Removable and non-removable formation damage mechanisms that occur in all well operations are discussed in greater detail as they relate to stimulation option decision-making. This leads into coverage of the processes for sandstone and carbonate acid stimulation treatment design development. This course includes real-world examples of matrix and fracture acidizing designs for different well and formation types and conditions, and concludes with usable acid stimulation procedures applicable globally with success in conventional and unconventional, including geothermal, wells. Examples include creative, multi-step, multi-purpose treatment procedures as well as simplified procedures and unique stimulation applications that may go against long-standing, conventional wisdom but are proven to be successful.

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Course contents

    Chapter 2 - Formation Damage Fundamentals

    2.01 Formation Damage (17 min.)

    2.02 Drilling & Completion Damage (16 min.)

    2.03 Production Damage (26 min.)

    2.04 Injection & Stimulation Damage (20 min.)

    Chapter 3 - Acid Stimulation Chemistry and Physics

    3.01 Acid Stimulation Chemistry and Physics (20 min.)

    Chapter 4 - Sandstone Acidizing in Conventional Wells

    4.01 Sandstone Acidizing in Conventional Wells (12 min.)

    Chapter 5 - Sandstone Acidizing Design Process

    5.01 Sandstone Acidizing Design Process (24 min.)

    5.02 Sandstone Acidizing Design Process - Step 3 (17 min.)

    5.03 Sandstone Acidizing Design Process - Step 4 (20 min.)

    5.04 Sandstone Acidizing Design Process - Step 5 (17 min.)

    5.05 Sandstone Acidizing Design Process - Step 6 (7 min.)

    Chapter 6 - Carbonate Matrix Acidizing

    6.01 Carbonate Matrix Acidizing (20 min.)

    Chapter 7 - Carbonate Fracture Acidizing

    7.01 Carbonate Fracture Acidizing (14 min.)

    Chapter 8 - Production Well Acidizing Examples

    8.01 Sandstone Acidizing Successful Case Examples (27 min.)

    8.02 Carbonate Acidizing Successful Examples (12 min.)

    8.03 Acid Tunneling - Open-hole Carbonate Stimulation (5 min.)

    Chapter 9 - Injection Well Acidizing Examples

    9.01 Injection Well Acidizing Examples (10 min.)

    Chapter 10 - Unconventional Well Acid and Matrix Stimulation Applications

    10.01 Unconventional Well Acid Stimulation Applications (14 min.)

    10.02 Final Comments (13 min.) Quiz