Oil & Gas Law 101 Course

A Crash Course in the Basics

Bresee Carlson

Master the legalities of the oil and gas industry with this comprehensive course! Navigate complex topics like royalty payments, trespass liability, lease management, and regulatory compliance. Gain valuable insights for diverse roles, from lawyer and landowner to operator and industry professional. Delve into real-world scenarios and explore key legal principles, equipping yourself with the knowledge to navigate this dynamic field with confidence. Whether you're seeking professional expertise or simply intrigued by the legal framework of oil and gas, this course provides a comprehensive and engaging journey. Enroll today and unlock your understanding of this critical industry!Read more...

Target Audience:

Lawyers and legal professionals seeking deeper expertise in oil and gas law.
Landowners and mineral rights holders interested in understanding their rights and responsibilities.
Oil and gas industry professionals seeking to navigate the legal landscape.
Individuals with a general interest in the legal and regulatory aspects of oil and gas exploration and production.
Join us on this journey into the fascinating world of oil and gas law!

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Course contents

    Chapter 2 - Sources of Law Governing Oil and Gas

    2.01 Sources of Law Governing Oil and Gas (22 min.)

    Chapter 3 - Legal Concepts Inherent to Oil and Gas Development

    3.01 Ownership of the Mineral Estate and the Right to Operate - Part 1 (12 min.)

    3.02 Ownership of the Mineral Estate and the Right to Operate - Part 2 (21 min.)

    3.03 Ownership of the Oil and Gas Leasehold Estate (19 min.)

    Chapter 4 - Creating and Transferring Interests

    4.01 Creating and Transferring Interests (47 min.)

    Chapter 5 - Regulatory Compliance, Local Control, Permitting and Drillsite Preparation

    5.01 Drillsite Preparation & Title Opinions (22 min.)

    5.02 State Regulatory Compliance & Operatorship (11 min.)

    5.03 Spacing (29 min.)

    Chapter 6 - Managing Producing Assets

    6.01 Managing Producing Assets (31 min.)

    Chapter 7 - Royalty Payment Acts

    7.01 Royalty Payment Acts (21 min.)

    Chapter 8 - Trespass and Conversion

    8.01 Trespass and Conversion (13 min.)