Introduction To Reservoir Simulation Course

Edward Evans

Reservoir simulation is one of the most powerful tools at the disposal of a Petroleum Engineer. Rooted in established reservoir engineering equations with nearly a century of use, these equations are amalgamated and applied through simulators for a comprehensive study of reservoir performance, both reducing risk and optimizing value to the operator. This course provides an introductory exploration of reservoir simulation, delving into fundamental concepts like material balance, Darcy’s law, well inflow modeling, and their implementation in a simulator. “Introduction to Reservoir Simulation” facilitates the learning journey for newcomers to the industry or reservoir engineers shifting from analytical methods to simulation.Read more...

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Course contents

    Chapter 2 - Assembling of a Simulation Model

    2.01 Sources of Input Data (10 min.)

    2.02 Exercise 2 - Get Familiar with a Data Deck and MD project (7 min.) Quiz

    Chapter 3 - How to Build a Simulation Grid

    3.01 Simuation Grid (16 min.)

    3.02 Exercise 3 - Import a Rescue file into Model Designer (17 min.) Quiz

    Chapter 4 - Fluid and Rock Properties

    4.01 Fluid and Rock Properties (10 min.)

    4.02 Exercise 4 - Creating the Fluid model (13 min.)

    4.03 Saturation Functions (9 min.)

    4.04 Exercise 5 - Creating the Rel perm property (8 min.)

    4.05 Exercise 6 - Creating Rock Properties (4 min.) Quiz

    Chapter 5 - Initial Conditions

    5.01 Initial Conditions (7 min.)

    5.02 Exercise 7 - Setting Initial Conditions (17 min.) Quiz

    Chapter 6 - Development Strategies

    6.01 Development Strategies (14 min.)

    6.02 Exercise 8 - Making a Development Strategy (22 min.) Quiz

    Chapter 7 - Uncertainty and Optimization

    7.01 Uncertainty Analysis and Optimization (17 min.)

    7.02 Experimental Design (16 min.) Quiz