Quiz 1.01 Introduction

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Machine Learning Introduction

Director, Business Intelligence (McDaniel and Associates)


Quiz 1.01 Introduction

In order to assess your understanding of the lesson materials, please select the most appropriate answer for each of the multiple choice questions below.
  • Question 1/2

    Which of the following statements is most accurate?

    • Machine learning is a subset of deep learning
    • Artificial intelligence is a type of machine learning
    • Like engineering or geoscience, the data science profession is widely regulated
    • There is no universally accepted definition for what a Data Scientist is
Introduction to Machine Learning for Upstream Oil & Gas Course
Chapter 1 - Machine Learning Introduction (3:04:12)
Chapter 2 - Building and Interpreting Models (1:18:45)
Chapter 3 - Upstream Oil and Gas Example Workflow (27:21)