Integrated Upstream Planning Essentials Course

Matt Harriman

If the decisions made in the boardroom aren't aligned with the decisions made on the wellsite, bad things happen.Read more...

From portfolio optimization to operational scheduling, this course provides an overview of every level of upstream planning. You'll learn how companies are planning today and how leading companies are integrating their planning efforts to drive better decisions. You'll also learn about the people, processes, data, and technology that comprise each part of the upstream planning puzzle.

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Course contents

    Chapter 2 - Functions Across Planning

    2.01 Functions Across Planning (24 min.) Quiz

    Chapter 3 - Collaboration Models

    3.01 Collaboration Models (28 min.) Quiz

    Chapter 4 - Organizational Models

    4.01 Centralized & Distributed Models (17 min.)

    4.02 Integrated Models (13 min.) Quiz

    Chapter 5 - Data & Technology

    5.01 Data Management (10 min.)

    5.02 Technology (17 min.)

    5.03 Data & Technology Stages of Maturity (9 min.) Quiz

    Chapter 6 - Upstream Planning Maturity Curve

    6.01 The Perfect Planning Process (11 min.)

    6.02 The Upstream Planning Maturity Curve (24 min.) Quiz

    Chapter 7 - Evolving Toward Integrated Planning

    7.01 Course Review (5 min.)

    7.02 Approaching Change (12 min.)

    7.03 Leading Change (23 min.)

    7.04 Your Next Steps (19 min.) Quiz