Hydrogen 101 Fundamentals Course

Januar Wirawan

Hydrogen is creating a buzz everywhere in the world. Given recent global concerns regarding climate change and the environment, hydrogen is positioning itself to have a larger role in the energy mix. Hydrogen is growing so fast that it is forecasted to become a giant global industry worth more than 200 billion USD by 2030 and close to 600 billion USD by 2050.Read more...

This course covers the sources of hydrogen and the different technologies used to generate it in an easy-to-understand way. It includes natural underground hydrogen reservoirs, water-sourced hydrogen, and hydrocarbon-sourced hydrogen. Most hydrocarbon-to-hydrogen processes generate carbon dioxide as a by-product. Applying Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Sequestration (CCUS) technologies can help keep the process clean.

This course is intended for a wide range of audiences: from technical professionals to business professionals, from juniors to seniors, and from number crunchers to management types.

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Course contents

    Chapter 2 - What is Hydrogen?

    2.01 What is Hydrogen? (19 min.) Quiz

    Chapter 3 - Is Hydrogen a new technology?

    3.01 Is Hydrogen a New Technology? (12 min.) Quiz

    Chapter 4 - Is Hydrogen safe?

    4.01 Is Hydrogen Safe? - Part 1 (19 min.)

    4.02 Is Hydrogen Safe? - Part 2 (21 min.) Quiz

    Chapter 5 - Different kinds of Hydrogen? What? How?

    5.01 Natural Hydrogen (18 min.)

    5.02 Water-Sourced Hydrogen (23 min.) Quiz

    5.03 Hydrocarbon-Sourced Hydrogen - Part 1 (25 min.)

    5.04 Hydrocarbon-Sourced Hydrogen - Part 2 (12 min.) Quiz

    5.05 Other Technology (12 min.) Quiz

    Chapter 6 - What is Hydrogen used for?

    6.01 What Is Hydrogen Used For? - Part 1 (15 min.)

    6.02 What Is Hydrogen Used For? - Part 2 (9 min.) Quiz

    Chapter 7 - How to store and distribute Hydrogen?

    7.01 How To Store and Distribute Hydrogen (16 min.) Quiz

    Chapter 8 - My take...

    8.01 My Take... (21 min.)