Geothermal Reservoir And Hydraulics Design Course

Mazda Irani

The temperature of the earth's inner core is about 6000°C, which is as hot as the surface of the sun. Temperatures in the mantle range from about 200°C at the upper boundary with the earth's crust to approximately 4000°C at the mantle-core boundary. Such high temperature creates a continuous source for electrical power generation. Geothermal energy is used in over 20 countries. This Geothermal reservoir and hydraulics design course covers the essentials of analysis and design in geothermal projects.Read more...

Some of the fundamental topics that will be covered include:
• Conduction and convection in the geothermal reservoir.
• Comparison of fluid-dominated and vapor-dominated systems
• p/z models to estimate steam producing geothermal reservoir size
• Empirical Decline-curves to estimate recoverable energy.
• Compressibility of two-phase water and steam system
• Optimize the WHP that provides the optimum electrical generation
• Construct a reservoir simulation model.
• Construct a Closed-loop model.

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Course contents

    Chapter 1 – Geothermal Reservoir and Hydraulics Design

    1.01 Intro to Geothermal Energy (11 min.)  Sample Lesson

    1.02 Geothermal for Power Generation (22 min.)

    1.03 Phase Diagrams of Pure Components (6 min.)

    1.04 Steam Saturation Curve Example (5 min.)

    1.05 Antoine Correlation (18 min.)

    1.06 CO₂ Saturation Curve Example (3 min.)

    1.07 How Steam Enthalpy Varies in a Closed Loop System (24 min.)

    Chapter 2 - Geothermal Power Plants

    2.01 Electricity Generation (22 min.)

    2.02 Steam Flashing in the Vertical Section (13 min.)

    2.03 Conduction or Convection (16 min.)

    2.04 Decline Curve Analysis (DCA) (15 min.)

    2.04a Fetkovich Charts (5 min.)

    2.05 p/z Method to Calculate the Steam Boundary (13 min.)

    2.06 Dry-Steam Reservoir IPR (15 min.)

    2.07 Heat Loss in a Wellbore (31 min.)

    Chapter 3 Closed-Loop Geothermal

    3.01 Closed-Loop Geothermal Example (19 min.)