Exploration For Lithium In Oilfield Brines Course

Brad Hayes

Lithium is experiencing explosive demand and price growth because of its application in many modern technologies, particularly battery storage at all scales. Traditional lithium sources are no longer adequate to meet future demand, and so lithium has been designated a Critical Mineral by many governments. Read more...

Lithium is typically extracted from shallow hypersaline brines or hard-rock pegmatites. However, huge volumes are also dissolved in deep saline aquifer brines around the world. Explorers are moving rapidly to identify adequate concentrations, and to optimize extraction technologies to support economic extraction.

This course will introduce you to lithium and its applications and markets. We will then examine exploration, appraisal and development of lithium salts from deep saline aquifers, many of which are associated with oil and gas production.

Lithium extraction represents an excellent opportunity to build on petroleum industry skills, datasets and infrastructure in many basins around the world.

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Course contents

    Chapter 2 - Oilfield Brine Exploration for Lithium

    2.01 Lithium Systems (10 min.)

    2.02 Basin-Scale Screening for Lithium Systems (6 min.)

    2.03 Geophysical Methods for Lithium Exploration and Development (7 min.) Quiz

    Chapter 3 - Lithium Oilfield Brine Appraisal and Development

    3.01 Land Titles and Regulation (6 min.)

    3.02 Lithium Development (4 min.)

    3.03 Quantifying Lithium Resources and Reserves (3 min.) Quiz

    3.04 Lithium Extraction (14 min.) Quiz

    Chapter 4 - Lithium Oilfield Brine Exploration

    4.01 Case Study – Leduc Formation Alberta (13 min.)

    4.02 Case Study – Smackover Formation, U.S. Gulf Coast (10 min.)

    4.03 Case Study – Neptune Lithium Project, Nevada (3 min.) Quiz

    4.04 Current Developments and Players (13 min.) Quiz

    4.05 Course Summary (4 min.)