EOR For Unconventional Reservoirs Course

Todd Hoffman

EOR in low permeability unconventional reservoirs is happening across a number of basins and is rapidly becoming a sub-discipline of petroleum engineering. This class covers what has been done over the last decade with a special focus on huff-n-puff (cyclic) gas injection. This includes how to predict production forecasts and injection volumes required, as well as determining the contribution of different recovery mechanisms. Other techniques such as continuous injection and water/surfactant injection are also considered. We examine field trials across all of the basins and discuss the successes and lessons learned from them. Operational aspects to successfully implement EOR in unconventional wells is also covered. Read more...

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Course contents

    Chapter 2 - Historical Development of EOR in Unconventionals

    2.01 Early Bakken Projects (25 min.) Quiz

    2.02 Bakken Case Study & Modeling Project (18 min.) Quiz

    2.03 Eagle Ford Case Study 1 (27 min.) Quiz

    2.04 Eagle Ford Case Study 2 (28 min.) Quiz

    2.05 Case Studies in Other Basins (34 min.) Quiz

    Chapter 3 - Huff-n-Puff Gas Injection

    3.01 Huff-n-Puff Gas Injection (28 min.) Quiz

    3.02 Contribution of different mechanisms (25 min.) Quiz

    3.03 Injection Amounts Part 1 (18 min.) Quiz

    3.04 Injection Amounts Part 2 (27 min.) Quiz

    3.05 Estimating Rates (22 min.) Quiz

    3.06 Reservoir & Injection Fluids (19 min.) Quiz

    Chapter 4 - Other EOR Methods

    4.01 Water Injection (19 min.) Quiz

    4.02 Surfactant Injection (15 min.) Quiz

    4.03 High Pressure Air Injection (HPAI) (25 min.) Quiz

    Chapter 5 - Operational Aspects

    5.01 Operational Aspects I (33 min.) Quiz

    5.02 Operational Aspects II (20 min.) Quiz

    5.03 Laboratory Experiments (30 min.) Quiz

    5.04 Reservoir Simulation Aspects (25 min.) Quiz

    5.05 Economical Aspects (17 min.) Quiz

    Chapter 6 - Review & Summary

    6.01 Review & Summary (21 min.)