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01. Applied Petrophysics and Log Analysis Lesson 1.01: Introduction

Hello everyone, welcome to Applied Petrophysics and Log Analysis. My name is Cameron Snow and I'm excited to be your instructor for this course.
So a little bit about myself. I am a geologist and petrophysicist by background with approximately 15 years experience in the oil and gas industry. I started my career working in a technology group as a petrophysicist and then went on to run petrophysics groups in Argentina and Egypt. I then became more of a geoscientist and was more geology focused. However, petrophysics remained a core competency and something that was central to all of my reservoir valuation workflows. And this is something that I really want you to be able to take away from this course.
I expect that most of you are probably geoscientists or engineers. And when you look at petrophysics, you may be tempted to think that it's a specialist discipline that is adjacent to what you do and not central to what you do. However, for most of us, we can integrate a lot of petrophysical techniques and a lot of the outputs of petrophysics directly into our day to day workflows. So whether you are a budding petrophysicist, a geoscientist or an engineer, this course will hopefully have a lot of takeaways that you can use to create value and to increase the sophistication of your analysis.
OK, in the next lesson, we are going to get started with an intro and an overview of this course.
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Applied Petrophysics and Log Analysis Course
Chapter 1 - Course Overview, Well Logging and Tool Theory (2:30:39)
Chapter 2 - Quicklook Log Analysis (1:41:49)
Chapter 3 - Petrophysical Workflows (7:21:17)
Chapter 4 - Inversions in Practice (2:07:33)
Chapter 5 - Lab Measurements (1:55:01)
Chapter 6 - Danomics Hands-On Examples (3:51:01)