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RTA Workshop

Advanced Rate Transient Analysis (RTA) Workshop for Unconventionals - Houston, TX

Tue Mar 5th to Wed Mar 6th (8:30am to 4:30pm)


This 2-day workshop is designed for experienced practitioners of Rate Transient Analysis who would like to update their skills and learn best practices for its application in interpreting well production data from stress-sensitive unconventional reservoirs with multiphase flow considerations. This is a hands-on workshop which will make use of the IHS Markit Harmony Enterprise™ software. For each topic that is covered, a practical field example is provided to illustrate the relevant methods, workflows and results. Workstations, software, course notes and lunch will be provided.

Note: This is an advanced workshop, designed for individuals with an existing knowledge of Harmony/RTA fundamentals. Basic theory and software training will not be covered. First time RTA users are recommended to attend one of the following IHS Markit course, here:

Program Outline

Tue March 5th to Wed March 6th

8:30am to 4:30pm

Detailed Course Outline:

Day 1

Introduction to Modern Production Data Analysis
• Review of Fundamentals
• Objectives of RTA

Multiphase Flow in Low Permeability Fractured Reservoirs – Delaware Wolfcamp
• Advanced PVT
• Multiphase Flowing Material Balance
• Using Numerical Models for History Matching

Stress Sensitive and Overpressured Reservoirs – Eagle Ford
• Identifying and Quantifying Stress Sensitive Well Performance
• Productivity Loss and Drawdown Management

Evaluating Completion Effectiveness – Delaware Bone Spring
• Comprehensive Benchmarking Procedure

Day 2

RTA in the Presence of Subsurface Interference
• Frac Hits
• Identifying Interference during Production
• Infill Performance Prediction Workflow

Probabilistic RTA
• Introduction and Background
• Sampling the Parameter Space
• Probabilistic Modeling
• Interpreting the Results

Field Development Optimization
• Frac Intensity
• Stage Spacing
• Completion Deployment Technology
• Well Spacing

Sessions Chairs & Presenters

Dave Anderson

CEO (Saga Wisdom)



IHS Markit Office

1401 Enclave Parkway, Suite 200, Houston, TX 77077

(Conf HOU Enclave Aldrin and Armstrong Training Rooms)