Practical Flowback Analysis Course

by Subsurface Dynamics

Jesse Williams-Kovacs

One of the biggest challenges currently faced by operators in unconventional basins is diagnosing completion efficacy quickly after pumping without spending significant capital on specialized field diagnostics. In recent years, flowback analysis (FBA) has emerged as a viable method to accurately diagnose completions within days of opening the well to flow after stimulation, without incurring any additional field costs. By utilizing FBA, operators can perform rapid diagnostics and lookbacks right after pumping and apply these learnings to their next well/pad and finally bring their learning curve in line with capital spending. In this course, the concept of FBA will be introduced and a practical approach for analyzing flowback data and interpreting the results will be presented for various reservoir types utilizing Subsurface Dynamics’ innovative Athena FBA platform – the world’s first commercial tool developed specifically for analyzing flowback data.Read more...

This course is being released 2 lessons at a time over the course of 3 weeks.

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Course contents

    Practical Flowback Analysis - 6 Part Series

    1.01 Overview of Key Principals - Analysis Methodology and Applications (27 min.)  Sample Lesson

    1.02 Case Study 1 - Basic Interpretation of Flowback Data in a Black Oil Reservoir (40 min.)

    1.03 Case Study 2 - Interpretation of Flowback Data for Volatile Oil Reservoir with Athena FBA Tool (31 min.)

    1.04 Case Study 3 - Interpretation of Flowback Data to Guide Exploration in an Emerging Dry Shale Gas Play (29 min.)

    1.05 Case Study 4 and 5 - Interpretation of Flowback Data for Conventional and Semi-Conventional Reservoirs (36 min.)

    1.06 Practical Flowback Analysis - Overview of Key Principals - Analysis Methodology and Applications (26 min.)