Indigenous Awareness Training by Holly Fortier Course

Holly Fortier

Welcome to Indigenous Awareness Training. This comprehensive course is designed to foster cultural awareness and understanding of Indigenous peoples in North America, with a primary focus on Canada. Through a series of engaging lessons and firsthand accounts, you will gain valuable insights into the rich cultural heritage, history, and contemporary issues faced by Indigenous communities.
This course covers a wide range of topics, including the diverse cultures and traditions of Indigenous peoples, the historical legacy of colonization, the importance of cultural preservation, and the paths toward reconciliation and understanding. You'll explore the profound impact of residential schools, the resilience of Indigenous communities, and their contributions to art, music, business, and more.Read more...

By the end of this training, you'll not only acquire a deeper appreciation for Indigenous cultures but also develop practical skills for interacting respectfully and collaboratively with Indigenous individuals and communities. We encourage you to apply this knowledge to your personal and professional life, fostering inclusivity, and contributing to the ongoing journey of reconciliation.

Join us in this educational journey, and let's work together to build bridges of understanding, respect, and cooperation with Indigenous peoples.

Course contents

    Chapter 1 - Indigenous Awareness Training

    1.01 Introduction (5 min.)  Sample Lesson

    1.02 Before the Newcomers (40 min.)

    1.03 Impact on Contact (32 min.)

    1.04 Negotiation (21 min.)

    1.05 Assimilation (32 min.)

    1.06 Cultural & Communication Differences (35 min.)

    1.07 Working with Indigenous Peoples Today (22 min.)