Completion Oilfield Chemistry Structured to the Non-Chemist Course

Kimberley Mac Ewen

This course provides attendees with a comprehensive look into the more common, synthetic chemicals used in oilfield completions. We will look at and discuss the right chemistry completions, production and EOR. Once we have a clear understanding of the chemistry and its applications, we will review how to obtain viscosity (does chemistry matter?), rheology related to visco-elasticity (storage/loss modulus), how to get the most out a friction reducer, corrosion/scale/shale stabilizers. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to make a more educated decision on the chemistry to use in your well.Read more...

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Course contents

    Chapter 1 - Importance of Downhole Chemistry

    1.01 Instructor Introduction (15 min.)  Sample Lesson

    1.02 Brine Chemistry (9 min.) Quiz

    1.03 Biocide (8 min.) Quiz

    1.04 Polymers (7 min.) Quiz

    1.05 Friction Reducers (12 min.) Quiz

    1.06 Impacts on Molecular Weight (14 min.) Quiz

    1.07 R+ Concept & Formation Lithology (10 min.) Quiz

    1.08 Clay Swelling (9 min.)

    1.09 Migratory Clay (12 min.) Quiz

    1.10 Manufacturing Friction Reducers (18 min.) Quiz

    1.11 Invert Emulsion (ePAM) (10 min.)

    1.12 Global Acrylamide Market (6 min.) Quiz

    Chapter 2 - Polymers in Solution - Rheology

    2.01 Introduction to Rheology (17 min.) Quiz

    2.02 Types of Fluids (10 min.)

    2.03 Hooke's Law (24 min.)

    2.04 Completions Viscoelasticity (2 min.) Quiz

    Chapter 3 - Laboratory Evaluation of Completions Chemical Program

    3.01 Lab Evaluations - Completions (15 min.)

    3.02 Lab Evaluations - Field Trial (2 min.)

    3.03 Impact of Chemistry Selection (8 min.) Quiz

    3.04 Anadarko Basin (11 min.)

    3.05 Eagle Ford (8 min.) Quiz