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Thu. Jun. 20

SPE Apr 2019 Conference Review Day 1

SPE Workshop: Well Completions for Unconventional Resource Development Organization and Parent Child Interaction

Find out our key takeaway and review from Day 1 of the SPE Workshop on Well Completions for Unconventional Resource Development Organization and Parent Child Interaction, recently hosted from Apr. 9-11, 2019 at the Pasea Hotel & Spa in Huntington Beach, CA, USA.

Video Summary / Transcript

01. SPE Workshop: Well Completions for Unconventional Resource Development Optimization and Parent Child Interaction

A variety of reservoir monitoring technology results were shared at this event. We got to see a mix of geochemistry and tracers and microseismic and fiber optics even poroelastic theory was presented, in fact that one was probably trending a little bit. We saw Devon Energy and we saw the academic community presenting on it and ConocoPhillips. And this was traditionally presented at events by Reveal Energy Services who are a big vendor in that space. But now what I'm seeing is that the math is out there. People are applying it. There's good value of information for a very low cost solution to understand what's going on with fractures in the well. Which plays a very large role in helping us optimize critical decisions such as well spacing. Other things that I'm going to take away from this are infill strategies are typically those where you drill an infill and you have to preload or charge the parents to mitigate the damaging effects of frac hits, which we all know in industry. But what people are doing taking it a step further is they're not just charging those parent wells they're re-frac'ing those parent wells. And this is giving us a variety of advantages. One is that not only are we getting that additional fracture area from those parents but it's going to play as an even stronger benefit in stress sensitive formations such as the Eagle Ford and these formations where we see productivity loss through time that can be reactivated by hitting it again with another set of fractures. Which probably makes sense for doing that in the design of the life cycle of the well. And we're seeing very encouraging results from those child wells. The belief also is that when you're charging rock from the parents and doing your child well frac'ing is that your pore pressure is heightened and you're going to have more shear event activity, more microseismicity from your completion design. Almost in a sense where 1 + 1 = 3. Where you get a sense where your parents are refrac'ing your child is frac'ing and you're just seeing that much more stimulation in the drilling spacing unit in your targeted section. And we've heard these kinds of ideas at previous URTeK events from people like Jill Thompson, who presented the QEP sequence development strategy. And so what I'm seeing now is more and more value from the timing and sequencing of fracturing wells. This is something that I think is also on the rise in terms of trend. Operators are seeing very good performance results.
I want to talk about some of the social activities and really emphasize, I can't stress enough about the value of workshops. And some of the reasons why I prefer these events to the larger bigger draw conferences, these are very personal. With a more intimate group of about 200 delegates that are all stuffed together and crammed together, we've had some good events socially. We had a nice casino night that was hosted by one of the service vendors Through Tubing, and that was a great success. Laughs for shared business cards were shared. People were sharing stories and that's not something that you typically get at one of the larger conferences. This is now my second workshop in the last few months. Of course Saga was there to cover the RTA/PTA Workshop in Galveston, which was very similar in that regard as well. And so when we go home we're not just coming back with information to take to our asset teams and to our companies, as to what the new trends are towards field development and child programs. But we're also going to be going back with a better understanding of the characters and personalities that were here and actually build very strong relationships. Which me and my team noticed as we were circulating around the casino and the restaurants. And I strongly encourage anybody who is considering going to workshop to understand that the value is not just limited to a technical program. And so when I looked at that program committee and I saw the who's who of industry and then I talked to some of my friends in Calgary and in Houston and in Oklahoma City and I understood who was going, that's when I recognized that this was an event that we had to attend.
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