Oil & Gas Exploration Practical Approach Course

Jerry Gilmore

Succeeding long term in the E&P industry requires that companies maintain a competitive advantage by streamlining operations and focusing efforts on economically viable projects. Human and capital resources are often wasted on unproven technologies or high-risk ventures. Employees are trained in the sciences, but they lack practical application skills.Read more...

Historically E&P personnel have learned the fundamentals of geology and geophysics in college, then supplemented those basics with training at large independents or major oil companies. They are exposed to a plethora of technical information, some of which has great value in R&D or academia, but provides little insight to the practical application of science for profitability.

This course cuts to the chase, providing the foundation, tools and methodology for efficiently evaluating the geologic and economic viability of oil and gas E&P prospects and projects. Through a mix of short lectures and hands-on demonstrations, viewers learn how to integrate relevant data and technology into meaningful, comprehensive valuations. The tutorials are designed for engineers, geoscientists, and managers who have a role in the exploration or development of hydrocarbon resources.

Jerry Gilmore has extensive experience as an Oil and Gas Explorationist. With 40 years in the industry, Jerry is seasoned in all areas of exploration and development and has worked conventional and unconventional assets, both onshore and offshore. As VP Exploration, Jerry was instrumental in guiding the expansion and development of Eagle Ford assets for Penn Virginia (now Ranger Oil). He founded Elm Grove Resources in 2015, where his company acquired and developed Cotton Valley and Cretaceous positions in East Texas. As Chief Geoscientist for General Atlantic Resources, he was directly responsible for multiple offshore Plio-Pleistocene discoveries on the Gulf of Mexico Shelf. Jerry currently serves as an independent exploration consultant. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Geophysical Engineering from Colorado School of Mines and an M.B.A. from the C.T. Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston.

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Course contents

    Chapter 2 - Methodology & Tools

    2.01 Reconnaissance (17 min.)

    2.02 Analogs (17 min.)

    2.03 Selecting Project Area & Coordinate System (10 min.)

    2.04 Project Setup Live Demo (10 min.)

    2.05 Industry Activity (4 min.)

    2.06 Industry Activity Demo (13 min.)

    2.07 Regional Assessment (6 min.)

    2.08 Regional Assessment Demo (13 min.)

    Chapter 3 - Lease Analysis, Drilling and Production History

    3.01 Drilling & Production History (4 min.)

    3.02 Drilling & Production History Demo - Part 1 (11 min.)

    3.03 Drilling & Production History Demo - Part 2 (4 min.)

    3.04 Drilling & Production History Demo - Part 3 (9 min.)

    3.05 Lease Analysis (3 min.)

    3.06 Lease Analysis Demo (11 min.)

    Chapter 4 - Wireline Logs & Geologic Correlations

    4.01 Wireline Logs - Part 1 (7 min.)

    4.02 Wireline Logs - Part 2 (13 min.)

    4.03 Wireline Logs Demo (17 min.)

    4.04 Geologic Correlations (6 min.)

    4.05 Geologic Correlations Demo (13 min.)