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01. Completion & Workover Operations - Lesson 1.01: Practical Engineering

Hello, I'm George King, a registered professional engineer and a veteran of 50 years in the upstream oil and gas industry. My experience from laboratory to field operations has been at Amoco, BP, Apache, and Viking engineering. My career focus has been on the technology applications side; getting technologies to work in the field, the most unforgiving test site of all.

02. Practical Engineering Basics

The program that I have created here is one covering much of the completions, workover and production landscape. It is intended for both vertical and deviated wells, onshore and offshore, and for conventional and unconventional resources. The modules will be in practical engineering basics such as seen in the PowerPoint slide here; that range from pad developments down to the very unusual things that I have witnessed and really been a part of, such as wellhead freezing, rattling the tubing, finding leaks with nothing more than wireline and a mop head. There's a lot of things out here that we can pass along that have been done that are economical and effective.

03. Practical Engineering Applications

The practical engineering application side is going to be a series of modules, multiple parts that will cover everything from cementing down to the workovers that are perpetual in almost any environment. And we'll also get into some of the economic issues and checks as well.
I hope you will enjoy this and I certainly have enjoyed creating it. Thank you.
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Completion and Workover Operations Course
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